Domaine emmanuel giboulot

2nd generation in biodynamic since 1985

Domaine Emmanuel Giboulot, second generation in biodynamic in Beaune

Since the 1970s, my father Paul Giboulot, a pioneer in biological viticulture, went towards the biological work in the vineyard. He defended – before the trends – plowing, composting, the use of material respectful of the soil life and the biodiversity, and in the cellar a “soft” wine maturation to let every plot (climat) speak out without artifice.
I fell into biological agriculture since I was a “minot” (“kid” in burgundian dialect) and inspired by the values and good sense of this rustic heritage, I settled in 1985 and of course immediately chose a biological production. Indeed, what could be more natural?
In 1996, the whole wine estate was in biodynamic.
Today, I produce on 12 hectares including 5,30 hectares of Côte de Beaune white from three lieux-dits : La Grande Châtelaine, Les Pierres Blanches and La Combe d’Eve.
And of course, Saint-Romain and the Hautes Côtes de Nuits, Rully Premier cru “La Pucelle” and also, the youngest of the wine estate but just as great… in the lower hillsides, “Les Terres Burgondes”, an IGP replanted with pinot noir, pinot beurot and chardonnay.

The purity

The Purity, because that is how I like and how I always will like wines. No faults, straight in their glasses, with the fruit and/or minerality expressing themselves without artifice. That is why I choose to limit the use of wood and new barrels.

The character

The wine maker has character, the vine too. Every plot is different, its orientation, its way of plantation, the proximity to a forest or water, the soils of course, the age of the vine…
And above all, the vintage’s character, warm or cold year, precocious or late, the flowering date and the harvest date. Great or modest, every terroirs and vintages have their importance and must be respected in order for the wine to reveal its temperament and tell beautiful stories, different every time.

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The typicality

In viticulture less is more. It means that the less we disturb the natural working of the soils, their regeneration with micro-organisms, the less we interfere in the biodiversity chain and the more we tend to wines that express the truth and complexity of their terroirs.
This is the paradox of biological culture, less interventions covering the tracks and more authenticity.

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