Domaine emmanuel giboulot

2nd generation in biodynamic since 1985

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To pursue respectful approaches, in the vineyard and in the cellar, so that each and every vintage reveals its identity, its own imprint, no matter the greatness or the modesty of the place.

This goal is shared and carried by the people who work with us. Our wine estate develops organic and biodynamic agriculture practices since 1970 with my father Paul Giboulot. Our research, since that time, is to have healthy soils to produce healthy and balanced grapes allowing the “construction” of wines with character in which the delicacy and strength of the terroir speak.

Domaine Emmanuel Giboulot

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Today, we produce thirteen different wines on 11 hectares of vineyards. Our wines :

-Terres Burgondes white and red ;

-Bourgogne white ;

-Bourgogne Hautes Côtes de Nuit « Sous le Mont » and « En Grégoire » red ;

-Côtes de Beaune « La Grande Châtelaine » white, « Les Pierres Blanches » white and red and « Combe d’Eve » white ;

-Saint-Romain « En Chevrot » white and red ;

-Beaune « Lulunne » red

-Rully 1er cru « La Pucelle » white

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Our wines, we like them straight and pure. Drinking them, we discover the year that has passed and the rhythm of the seasons.
Every vintage, the wine has its own personality. We let it speak, learning to stay behind to discover and understand it in a better way.

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Respect the environnement